Top Family Restaurants Sorrento

Welcome to Chopstix and Experience Exclusive Dining Features in a Cozy and Funky Environment

Get authentic Asian flavors at the Top restaurants in Sorrento, Chopstix. Our menu is a assorted with delicacies form snacks, soups, noodles, rice, and to grilled fish, dumplings , Asian salads and many others with pure Asian touch. To add to icing on the cake we also brings you our collection of  beers, wines, and soft drinks , so that you can have the best restaurant experience.

Even though the segmentation is for young people, we have seen a significant shift in the tastes of the remaining older people who enjoy our product. That is why we try to create ambience which is suitable for all everyone, which also makes us a popular Family Restaurant in Sorrento .

At Chopstix, we strive to bring the authentic flavors and and create a full Asian experience at our top restaurant in Sorrento.

How Chopstix stands out?

In the midst of Asian restaurants , Chopstix is able to  stand out as one the best Restaurant in Sorrento.  

  • Authentic Asian ingredients.
  • Dine or  Order.
  • Traditional Asian method of cooking.
  • Natural food items.
  • Asian Dishes are used for serving.
  • Sustainable.
  • Asian Ambience

Discovers Our Popular delicacies

  • Shanghai Dumplings
  • BBQ Pork Singapore Noodles
  • Bangkok Style Pad
  • ThaiKung Fu Kway Teow
  • Emperor’s Nasi Goreng
  • Summer Sunset

We priorities nutrition and Taste  

Most restaurants in Sorrento always focuses on a healthy way of eating. At chopstix, our chefs are also the best nutritionist who ensures that the food served, is not fully full of flavour but also nutrients. The dishes we serve are healthier are not only delicious but also healthy. While you enjoy the flavour of Asian we ensure you eat healthy with our grilled meats and boiled food. Chopstix also has an outdoor dining area,  if you prefer to dine outside. Bring your family and friends to Chopstix for any celebration and enjoy a great meal at our top restaurant in Sorrento , and don’t forget to start the evening with their best in-house dishes and drinks, such as Crab Cakes, Chocolate Souffle, Tuna Sushi, Pork Belly, and Wasabi Prawns.

Come to Chopstix and enjoy the best Family friendly restaurant experience in Sorrento.